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Blackout Incident rock-crossover / Praha

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Text skladby Anthony

z alba Demo (2010)

Autor hudby: Jakub Svatoš
Autor textu: Tom Vilímec

Anthony glorified,
your therapy fell apart,
never you, neither us,
Anthony, what you´ve done.

Who invides your privacy
second face your best quality,
you live behind society,
covered from sights you are so respectful.

Hand was covered with blood and pain,
no complaints there was no solution,
terrible noise your eyes so gray,
you are the honest guy you feel the same.

Anthony tell the thruth, make us known,
stakes of your living
Never you, never free, whats your problem,
why you´re so different

Anthony no exucuse, make us known,
reasons are missing,
Never lost, never feared, whats your problem,
why you´re so different...anything you like you do.

No complaints, he´s was always the same,
and know you see his tragedy,
lost inside his soul and frame,
he never felt the least emotion.

Hand was covered with blood he felt the pain,
now he suffers in hell, there is a minimal change,
it was desparate life, it was a futile game,
but he tried in spite of nasty visions.