Blackout Incident - Text a video Kill Me! z alba Demo (2010) |
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Blackout Incident rock-crossover / Praha

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Text skladby Kill Me!

z alba Demo (2010)

Autor hudby: Jakub Svatoš
Autor textu: Tom Vilímec

Hello there it seems that I am always wrong,
besides that my hopes used to clear all shadows

My eyes in the mirror are cold, I am lost in a desert,
all I hear its a voice hidden deep inside,
My mind is a river and it flows further but secure,
impression of salvation
its a nearly dawn or am I wrong?

Kill me right on,
fix me I thank you for all your
perfect answers no need to talk or see anyone.

And I fall here´s my soul I am changing into another
wait for resolve just for one or you can explain the hopeless world!