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Bestial Therapy death-metal / Moravský Písek

„1.12.2018 UH klub Mír!!!“

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Text skladby Crowned in Dark

z alba Crowned in Dark

Autor hudby: Bestial Therapy
Autor textu: Raven

Crowned in the dark by Queen of night
that came to my soul, because I’m dying…

Look around you, they are here
and they want to take your soul.
You are confused… is it false or real?
You are scared and loosing control.
They besiege you and attack your mind.
They play their evil game!
They are demons of souls forced to die…
…so listen what they say!

I walked the path among the graves
heard the sceam, heard the noise and cry!
I saw tortured faces of humans,
who commited suicide!

Look around you, they are still here…
…ripping your bleeding soul!
There’s no escape, it’s too late!
You have lost all your control!
They will make you wanting to die…
…just like they had been.
Sounds in your head – whispering and cry…
…you can only scream!!!


I saw those mothefuckers dangling on the trees…
…they were crowned in the dark!
I saw their painful look saying please…
Save us from the past!
It crawls! Like dreariness to your mind…
Never more! Such pain will never die!
It crawls! Like dreariness to your mind…
Never more! Such pain will never die!