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Bad Joker's Cream hard rock-glam / Frýdek

„New Video Perfect Deal out now!!!“

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  • Perfect Deal- Perfect Deal (single 2017 re-recorded Version) (2017) 264 ×
  • All You Are The Best- Behind The Mask (LP) (2016) 368 ×
  • Let´s Crush- Let´s Crush (single 2014) (2014) 1 848 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma

Text skladby Behind The Mask

z alba Behind The Mask (LP)

Autor hudby: Stacee Roxx
Autor textu: Tommy Ace

Living without reason
Living in the prison
Tell me, why my real face has no sense

We have only one task
Hide soul and put on cool mask
Real face is not object of importance

I will post some awesome status on my wall
for me being wonderful is a question of honor
Everybody know what´s basic rule
Livin´ behind the mask must be cool

I want to be the puppet in this zombieland
Want to hide my real me, I will stand up straight
Wihout the mask I´m only piece of shit
Livin´ behind the mask? I dislike it

Living under mask is freaky
I know, that my nick is dicky.
Sorry, but my real me is so bored

I´m scared of being naked
Therefore my life is faked.
Baby, with mask I feel like a lord.