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At Folsom Prison hardcore-post hardcore / Praha

„07.10.19´ new LP/SINGLE video/12.10. Havl.Brod OKO“

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Text skladby Dreamhorse

z alba Every Dream and Every Crisis Means the Rise

Autor hudby: At Folsom Prison
Autor textu: Stanislav Jergl

We run, fly and still believe
Every day and night
Every journey looks long
Depends on us how fast we go
We felt many times
But always got up and continue
We have our dreams and let them come true
This is the world where ewerything is possible
We are our masters, whisking with the whip
Drifting the horse straight ahead

You can see the power in his eyes
You can feel earthquake under the hoofbeats
Only if you feel it in the same way
Horse is still running with the fire in his eyes

When he runs to you, stop and focus your heart

It´s you, who can raise that torche
It´s you…

Believe and it will burn even in bad times
There will be day when you saddle that horse
You´ll merge with the wind
And become closer to your dream