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At Folsom Prison hardcore-post hardcore / Praha

„live - Žižkovská noc březen 2020“

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Text skladby BBTR

z alba Every Dream and Every Crisis Means the Rise

Autor hudby: At Folsom Prison
Autor textu: Stanislav Jergl

Shut up and listen
This is our epitaph
This is all we have

Your legs grow into carpet
Waiting until invisible hand feeds you
Great food for such a mature individual
You can change things on your own
But you rather sit and wait
until the golden piglet falls into your throat
Fall asleep and wake up into another useless morning
Is this your choice? Is this better life?

Better to burn than rot
Better to act than dream
Better to believe than be vigilant

Do you remember the day when your first time was
where you wanted to be?
Reward for your perseverance
What we want to live

All the dreams and falls are in the right direction
Nothing happens without cause and we know
We stand on the right place
We wanna burn
We wanna light the road for those
who lost their faith long time ago