At Folsom Prison - Text a video Mistakes z alba At Folsom Prison |
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At Folsom Prison hardcore-post hardcore / Praha


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Text skladby Mistakes

z alba At Folsom Prison

At the beginning of all days
In aborting of all filth
I m standing and I perceive this power
At the beginning of all filth
I want always sense this warm ground
I want see the trees blossom

I m coming here on old places
Expectations of same basics
Nothing is like early
I want my mistakes repair

I sense this penetrating pain
The hands are condemnation
My legs already not function like earlier
Neverending and long fetch
When whill yet end of my way?
Where do I come in?

Come on
Im standing still here
The wind is strong
I see the grass everywhere
The branches flying around me
Dust in my eyes. I lie down here
Here on windy hill. And I stay on judgement