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Ashram [Ind] ethno-experimental / Kolkata

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  • Lord of the East
  • Porom e Porom
  • Manush Ekta Koler Gari
  • Amae Dubai Li Re
  • Na Bujhe Mojona Pirite
  • Ar ki ache bol

Ashram, an Ethno Electronic band from India filmed during their

Ostatní Vznik: 15.11.2014
Ashram is an Ethno Electronica band from India/Kolkata. This short documentation was made by a great friend Hubert Markl during Ashram's '13 France/Paris concert at Cabaret Sauvage.

Ashram is one of the first bands from east of India to fuse electronica with Indian traditional root-tribal-ethnic songs. A blend giving birth of a soundscape that best defines contemporary India, where tradition and modernism walk hand in hand. Ashram songs will take you to a travel through Indian subcontinent, bringing tunes from boatman, nomadic tribes, Sufi saints, struggling farmers to celebration life of common people.
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