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April Weeps metal / Dunajská Streda

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Text skladby Shards

z alba Outer Calm, Pain Within

Autor hudby: APRIL WEEPS
Autor textu: APRIL WEEPS

sorrow is called my today's friend
coming from the place like no one else
holding his hand and letting him lead me
going somewhere, he's taking me

I will show you what you've missed
things you only see in your dreams
your silence shall be forever dismissed
now tell me the answer on your knees!

sorrow is gone, he was a dream
but the things he showed me were too real
words he said are carved in me
as inscription of the memorial
why does my past return to me
when it cannot be changed by some dream?

asking me why with plea in your eyes
I remember I knew the answer
quiet words remain unsaid
but forever sounding in my head

forgotten the words
I'll remember forever
lost the moments
of my endless hesitation

dreams, they fell to shards
(I'm) walking forward on these sharps
scars remind the unhealed wounds
made to man by his mistakes

one was the chance
that I've missed a million times
now I can't get rid of
those words in my mind

devil's smile, while you explained your lies
I remember I had a question
quiet words remain unsaid
but forever sounding in my head

every day I see the same situation
every day I’m trying to change my answer
'cause real for you is what you hear
and it doesn't matter what I feel

imagination is my enemy
attempting to stick the shards
confusing me