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Apple Valley pop-punk / Hranice

„EP - Never Enough 2014“

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Text skladby Young & Faithless

z alba Never Enough

Autor hudby: Apple Valley
Autor textu: Apple Valley

I still don't know what I stand for,
there´re still many things I wanted to try
let´s make it all till we grow old,
we don´t want to waste our time.

We take our best friends and all their ladies
gonna hit the parks and the local streets.

with our skateboards and our fancy romantics
we will sing our songs till the end of the day

We´re always falling in love and we´re not gonna stop
again and again till we waste our hearts
we´re young and we´re faithless, we cannot be caught
there´re no better ways, to prove that you´re alive

I´m standing up I won´t be lazy,
there´re still many things I can do today
they tell me what I do is crazy,
well sorry but I don´t see it that way

because we live so fast that our loveruns are short distance
but we all define how much we run ourselfs

I will keep running on and on with you day and night
I will keep running on and on with you day and night

Cause you are with me always, I never let you all alone.