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Apple Valley pop-punk / Hranice

„EP - Never Enough 2014“

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Text skladby Different Sence

z alba This Is Your Way Out

Autor hudby: Apple Valley
Autor textu: Apple Valley

Even when love shines like a thousand stars
you must be ready for staying all alone

you must think my mind has gone off the road
I´m saying senseless things like this to you

but like for someone the crime is right
then black is white I saw this life

it tempted our inteligence was evolving with this different sense

It has been centuries since we´ve lost our spirits
been disdaining feelings, our planet our homes
and I´ve been thinking a lot, about connection of peoples
dreamt of you plus me in all-sence energy

I tell you all my stories, tell you what I´ve been through
if you´re ready to listen I can get you into
the world betwen these separated realities
I hope you will understand

cause my mind is very different from yours
and I´m aware of what you can say
and all the people are

tempting our inteligence we´ll show them that they have the chance

I know you think you´re ready to go
but there are dozens of things that need to be shown
say so, but even though
in some cases you have to turn around and go away