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Apple Valley pop-punk / Hranice

„EP - Never Enough 2014“

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Text skladby Do You Realize

z alba This Is Your Way Out

Autor hudby: Apple Valley
Autor textu: Apple Valley

We were born and raised in a "system of freedom",
but our minds became unopened to each other.
The cities are full of ferroconcrete domes
dead bodies in malls´re covered with plastic leather.

Do you realize that it was all in peace,
we have it only on lease, still we don´t pay any fees.
Do you realize that it was all in harmony,
and what would it be, better actually
if we stopped with the plundering

And I, I would rather die,
than cry and at least not take part
in this fight. Let´s wake up our minds
and our behaviour is the key. Open your fantasy.

we´re not saying we are ready for this, because nobody is.
it´s easy to get pissed, but be careful and don´t miss
I wonder about your first kiss, an event remembered always
how many moments like this, would be required to resist them

And I, I would really lie
if I said I give a damn about your stupid envy
It´s just not right, thinking about others this way
because they are all the same if you don´t see it
this is your way out