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Apple Valley pop-punk / Hranice

„EP - Never Enough 2014“

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Text skladby Treehouse

z alba This Is Your Way Out

Autor hudby: Apple Valley
Autor textu: Apple Valley

I worked whole life in a cubicle office
and lived in one plus one with a little dog
dreamt ´bout life with money, cool house,
pool and young beautiful wife

everybody wants the same

tired from the work, on my way home,
in the underground I saw a sign
with a little picture in bottom,
there was a nice wooden treehouse

fast like a flash it came on my mind

downsizing stress influenced my sight,
I saw myself on the other side
dark ideas of me losing job
with a glass of whiskey in a pub

so I sold my existing life
everyone I knew, things I used to do
I left all my useless stuff behind
for things I didn´t know I decided to go

I gave it all I had
a house on a tree became my dream
I built all of it with my bare hands
I´m proud of me what I´ve chosen to be

Now I spend my days in the garden,
growing carrots, berries and cucumbers
it´s not much, I know, but it´s my home,
this way is completely unknown

Since my life´s been based on simple rules
nomore I live among fools
everyday there´re changes ´round the world
so perceive those unspoken words

so sorry for disagreeing with most of the social protocols,
but my heart just feels this way, there are no changes about in me
sorry, but I really ment all the best for the human race
to all good people around the world we wanna tell what they can do
about the Earth something like a house on tree

You might think I´ll stay at my current place
but that would be such a waste of space
I want to spread my thoughts around the world

and we will help you to differenciate good clues
we will get you through the beginings of new you
we will help you to understand and accept the truth
we´ll get through with you !!