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Apple Valley pop-punk / Hranice

„EP - Never Enough 2014“

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Text skladby Never Complain

z alba This Is Your Way Out

Autor hudby: Apple Valley
Autor textu: Apple Valley

I want to raise my hands and reach that star.
A star so far, that I've been longing for it
all the time. But now I'm here, faking the smile
my parents tell me to find something I'll desire.

and I agree with having a dream,
but unaffected by the social mean.
No It won't be a shame, I'll make it my way,
different, not the same and never complain.

Not the same! Make it my way!

I want to bent my knees and touch the Earth
Grab the soil 'cause I've belonged onto it,
all my life since I've been born and all my life's miles
that've always headed to the graveyard

And I came to terms with dealing with death,
but not at all as a scary thing.
We should embrace, the death as a
natural thing and never complain.

Oou .. .. .. .. Never complain

I want to turn aroud and look at you
cause now's the time of purging the lies
I need to clear my mind, of all these thoughts,
like on the way to Emmaus
Jesus opened the minds of those, who didn´t know.

So solve your believes, problems and thoughts before you die

You know, that this is the time, when you have the power
to change something in your life,
to choose a path, to follow your instincts

Cause we´re here to talk to each other, to create and to change,
and everyone has to start from the inside, so at first follow your heart