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Antoines rock-indie / Praha

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  • Turn The Disco Down (radio edit)
    This Is The End Of The RockAndRoll
  • Hey Now
  • Come On
  • This Is The End Of The RockAndRoll
  • I Think I Have No Wild Side
  • Turn The Disco Down
  • Lost Generation
  • I Just Don´t Like This One

I Think I Have No Wild Side - Antoines - HD Official Music Video

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 16.7.2013
Official music video.
I Think I Have No Wild Side is the first single introducing the album This Is The End Of The RockAndRoll.
Shot during the rainy weekend in Prague, Czech Republic which started the floods all over the city.
:: Camera/Post-production: Mojmir Pribis (Rez Frames Production) ::
Script and editing: Tomas Zamozik
Music Shop interiors shot at
Club interiors and stage shot in PopoCafePetl Ujezd, Prague.
Thanks to Mojmir Pribis of Rez Frames Production for enduring all my stupid ideas and for being helpful at all times.
Thanks for all the help we got from our friends.
Thanks to the shop assistant for being ok with playing a role in our video.
Thanks to Mikulas J. of the Popo for being most helpful even though his flat was in immediate jeopardy of being flooded.
Guitar perspective shots shot with GoPro Hero3.
We enjoyed shooting this video very much, we hope you will enjoy it too.