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Antizen death-metal / Praha

„EP k poslechu a ke stažení“

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Text skladby The Consumer

z alba The Consumer

I am at war against my taste
Against my lust, my need need of thrill
I cannot resist, I must feed it once again
Appease my thirst, my desire
Starvation's beating my will
I must enjoy, eat and fuck, consume to remain sane

Desperate attempt to fill the void
Where nothing is everything
Remember that being is desire
And desire is suffering
You will never find the cure

I am at war against my taste
My taste to waste everything
No exceptions, it hides behind my every act
I'm on a hunt for the golden calf
For might and joy, for the One Ring
I want everything to pass through my digestive tract

Desperate attempt to fill the void
Escape the blue light
Life is a maze built from craving
And you are lost inside
You'll never find the way out

I want it all and I want more
I want more pain, love and hate
I rape my senses to absorb it all, it is my bane
I am a slave of consumption
It's a natural human trait
No way to resist, I must taste it once again