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Antizen death-metal / Praha

„EP k poslechu a ke stažení“

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Text skladby Night Walk

z alba The Consumer

The storm is raging through the insomniac night
It will soon be dawn but I still cannot fall asleep
So I get up and leave the house heading to the river
Stop halfway on the bridge and just stare to the deep

I watch the lightning, my only glow of hope that can kill
While the rain washes out the venom from my skin
And I can see the reflection of my star fading away
The sun will soon arise to behold my last sin

I wish it never ends
This moment of lucidity
In a world that has no sense
I feel like I understand it all

It really doesn't matter if I jump or not
In both cases the dormant star will rise again

It's getting light outside and the storm is calming down
I get up and try to remember this cryptic dream
But I know how useless is to try to find the meaning
So I give it up and wait until this thoughts turn to steam