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Antichües black-death / Petřvald

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Text skladby Necro Exhumation

z alba Death Walks Among Us

Autor hudby: Adrian Baránek
Autor textu: Adrian Baránek

Exhumation of thousands of bodies.
each infected with the plague.
They died a violent death.
You summon a cry from the ancient times, carrying a curse powerful and dark.
They believed that god would mark them. The bravery with which they fought these forces.
Fuck off.
Torn tissue. brain draining.
these bodies, now only skeletons, wrapped in rags, have a cracked skull.
A broken jaw, even a crushed one.
Even centuries later, the repulsive poisonous stench of infected bodies wafted through the valley after exhumation.
You and your friends know what awaits them.
Posthumous fulfillment.
You are turned on by the stench and death.
Each of them is porous enough to have enough holes to use.
Necro, Necro.
Rape of the Dead
Necro Necro
diseases of coexistence.
Necro, Necro
Are they sent by Satan?
No! They're just fucking perverts.
They exhume them all, rape them all after death.
Necro, Necro
Necro, Necro
Necro, Necro, Fucking Necro, Necro
Necro fucking exhumation