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Text skladby Alien Arrival

z alba Death Walks Among Us

Autor hudby: Adrian Baránek
Autor textu: Adrian Baránek

I speak for all of humanity.
when I want to defend us and preach the truth about it.
That everyone here is not corrupt, that we are a multi-part society in which unfortunately the majority prevails.
There is unrest here, the earth is full of mistakes.
There are certain extremist groups preaching lies and hatred.
Society nods helplessly to them, humanity can do terrible things when a large group is offended.
But there are also people like us, like me.
We keep all the hate inside and let it out only on these extremists. We have our rights, but we would like to take them away from these individuals.
Death to the rainbow and other inconvenient filth.

I would like to ask you creatures from deep space.
To hear this speech in its entirety.
I am talking here about the fact that you can take certain groups, and even spare yourself the bloodshed of the innocent
it is a part of history and it must be experienced
but it must continue. to create more art, scientific knowledge and novelties of humanity.

It is not necessary that all of us experience these horrific acts.
Tell us, will these horrible acts happen?
Answer now!