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Anime Torment death-metal / Litoměřice

„16.-24.11. Hatred Plague EU Tour 2018“

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Text skladby Afterlife

z alba Afterlife

Autor hudby: AT
Autor textu: Ondřej Svoboda


Last minute of life
is disappearing before my eyes.
The last sight of you
isn’t so blue.
I see me going away (leaving)
how my soul leaving a corpse
lying on the floor
and not coming back anymore.
Soul spiral past me
with angry spinning above me
and at the end something I scared

The sense of being, I’ve gone through,
is back.
Again be like a child, which I’ve
grown up of.
Am I stronger?
And how much?
Is it important?
For what?
What will be next?

Why I was here?
You to be not alone.
Why is the world so cruel?
You chose it yourself. Why did it?
To be harder for you.
Who are you? And what’s at the end?
Is that you… I’m you… We’re you..