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Andromeda Draco experimental-gothic / Vysoké Mýto

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Black and White Picture - Andromeda Draco

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 2.11.2014
This is a track from upcoming album Nocturnal Butterfly. It should be release sometimes during 2015.

All rights to this video belong to Andromeda Draco.

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Thank you for listening!


Black and White Picture

I’m withdrawing to my own world
To watch you in peace
I’m staring at your black and white face
Making sense of what I feel

Creeping through all of your thoughts
To find out what’s real
Disappearing into the void
Like shady fear

Crazy is life
When you feel
The pull
Crazy is life
When you don’t feel
It’s full

I’m crying
In the corner
Of my dark soul
I heal
My wounded heart
My sickened mind

My feelings
I kill
All my heart is
I’m dying
In my empty soul

He already damaged
All we have
You only came here
To remind me