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Amber Sky crossover-progressive / Praha

„CZ / UKR / RU“

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Text skladby Fairy Tale

z alba Dreaming of Folk-art

Autor hudby: Amber Sky
Autor textu: Amber Sky

Join me on my way
I will tell you a tale
From the lands, where clouds move fast
Much faster then elsewhere

There was a lass in a house made of glass
She was making bubbles for fun
One of them escaped and when
It saw sunshine its way begun

Down the river flows
Along the misty hills it goes
To the distance
Into infinity

It finally came to a fabulous land
Full of marble and mirrors everywhere
There on a throne sat the king with his clown
And he burst it easily with his crown

Down the river flows
Along the misty hills it goes
To the distance
Into infinity

The king was so glad he behaved so bad
He started to dance like mad
But the lass in her beautiful house made of glass
was sad and said it to her lad.

The lad and the king were then struggling
and the lad took the king’s mighty ring
When he returned to the house made of glass
he met his fair lass at last.

Na na na…

You know there is always a king,
Who tries to clip bubble’s wings
But try to be a lass or her lad
She’ll be making her bubbles, in her house on in the grass
And nothing will stop her from making the bubbles
Na na na…