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Alike crossover-rock / Velešín

„"Indecisive" nový song s videoklipem!“

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Text skladby Desire

z alba Desires, hopes and failures

Autor hudby: Roman Knop, Karel Krejčí
Autor textu: Karel Krejčí

Well I don’t want to believe that this is my final song
Although my voice sounds young my face is wrinkled like wooden floor
My shrunken hands are reminding me that my pride only crawls
In front of plain minds, shallow bodies full of life but with empty souls
If I still had my nails just to scratch old scars again
To check if my blood is black or clear or simple gray
The dust is behind my teeth which are made from pedestrian’s tears
And I can hear them sing

Don’t leave me again.
Don’t leave me again.

How could have happened that the modern acid eroded my fingers
touching shining screens devoured to the addictive rhythm?
I could blame time, but that’s thing we lack the most,
when we originally were supposed to be happy and not sing like ghosts:

Don’t leave me again.
Don’t leave me again.

Desire means to crumble your childish dreams and brings
your mind under the control of those who will never sing

Don’t leave me again.
Don’t leave me again.