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  • Gravedigger
    Go Forth!
  • Missed A Word
    Go Forth!
  • Any Way I Can
    Go Forth!
  • The Prophet
    Third Time Lucky
  • Third Time Lucky
    Third Time Lucky
  • Damned If I'm Right
    Third Time Lucky
  • Fill My Time
    Second-hand Lullabies
  • Keep It Hid (demo version)
    Second-hand Lullabies
  • Charlie Parker's Postcard
    First Person Singular
  • Plain Girls
    First Person Singular

Alasdair Bouch - Bed Of Happiness [Official Video]

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 26.6.2013
'Bed of Happiness' words/music by Alasdair Bouch. From the CD 'First Person Singular', available to buy on all good Internet stores. ℗ + © 2010 Alasdair Bouch PRS For Music

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Directed/Edited by Adad Warda
Camera - Jan Gregor
The Man - Alasdair Bouch
The Girl - Maruška Václavová
The Dress - by Daya
Stunt Double/AD - David Hofmann
From a story by Alasdair Bouch

Adad Warda -
Maruška Václavová -
Daya -