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Afterpills Factory hardcore-crossover / Praha

„New Song Out!“

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Text skladby One by one

z alba unknown

One by one

I am the one of twelve blessed sons
phony gits cut lips
tasted ground
Without Grace our race wouldn´t know felony
you made with this fate
and put on me
I would stake
being proud of me
face the true go through
give me remedy

All this pain
in vain
calling shame one me
through the slain
of brain
bending me
Like a whore
on a floor
I crawl


There´s no doubt you are more than a crowd
force of cunt I feel blunt
following underground
I swear
feeling irony
that´s not me but me
worst enemy


That ought to be the time for final count
dealing with the storm inside my head
barely feeling world parts of mine
only hearing whispers:

Your voice is dirty of a shame
(pointless hit)
Sounds like a squirrel in a flame
(mere crap)
figure out another claim
(that´s your task)
sanity goes down the drain
(get of)