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Aeronaut rock-rap / Brno

„Poslouchej náš novej singl "Vultures"!“

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Text skladby The first baterry

z alba The First Battery

Autor hudby: Šimon Fuxa
Autor textu: Šimon Fuxa

What a creepy roar, coming from the blue?
Flashes beat the shining of the moon.
1. Can you hear explosions, echoing near your home?
The rumble is approaching more and more.

Do you feel the spike, turning in your chest?
Wasn't what you wanted for the rest.
Getting shot by rifle, Isn't really the best.
You weren't born with bulletproof vest.

Pay attention please! (4x)

Now. Deafening silence. Passed out in the center of cruel violence.
Hush! Hush little child. No war, no unnecessary blood.

Is this a road to heaven, or a highway to hell?
We could be saved only by god's spell.
Will it ever end? Everything says not.
Strength, determination, that we've got.

Pay attention please! (4x)

Chains of war, salute your commanders.
It's your life, flowing through your fingers.
Take all of your force and use it now.
If you want, you'll take the regime down.

Pay attention please! (4x)

Bombs are crashing at our little town.
Let's go hurry to the underground.
Big black birds flying in the sky.
Throwing tons of democracy at the ground.

Pay attention please! (4x)