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Text skladby Life Sentence

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Autor hudby: Adrian T. Bell
Autor textu: Adrian T. Bell

Life Sentence

Mosely was in a corner
After leaving the Grey Bar Hotel
He thought would get to the top of the road
but you know what
He couldn’t get out
He’s been taking some pills
But that didn’t work too much
And now he’s just walking around the streets
Like his mind’s gone
The Black Dog depression took over
And now he’s just looking for a new beginning
Well it’s difficult for him man, It’s difficult.
He was walking out to the west towards the sunset
and he’d been walking that way for three days
He’s been watching some beggars on the street
trying to get some food from a bin
He doesn’t know how to get fed these days man
So he asked them for some money
They laughed

and he’s looking and he’s looking at these places
where he used to hang out
and where the girls were man
and they’re not there anymore
and there’s an old whore there
and she’s got black eyes
She’s crying and she might have
slept with him at some point
but now she does not recognise him
He’s been gone too long

Anyway he stopped at these traffic lights
and these cops came up to him and they were asking him
What you doing here?
Mosely just ignored them and walked straight through them
They left as quickly with the sirens behind
Then a man walked up to him
and looked at him strangely
And he didn’t notice that the man had pulled a gun
from his pocket and was sticking it in his face
Mosely just looks at him for a minute and says
Hey son do you want to think about this?
Do you know where I have been?
I’ve been 25 years in jail
Do you know what that means?

I’m not giving you my money man
I’m not going inside again
I’m not going to lose my friend
I’m not going to walk out in the big black dawn
I’m not going out for a
You’re not gonna put me down but
You’re not going to take me away from
I’ve spent too long inside
I’m not walking out in the hot dawn
Just put that gun away so
you don’t want to go to that hole

You don’t want to go the hole my friend
You don’t want to walk the road again
The tattoos on your back will bleed you dry
You know there’s no point just getting high
You’re stuck in a cage walking around
Two meter s by two meters around
Heartbeat you’d be out of that place
and you’re making such a big mistake
just walk away
just walk away
and everything is going to be ok
just walk on by just walk on by