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Adrian T. Bell alternative-rock / Praha

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Text skladby Nail Me Baby

z alba Navigator

Autor hudby: Adrian T. Bell
Autor textu: Adrian T. Bell

Nail me Baby

I’ve been like this for a million years
working outside in the damn cold air
and all my plans and dreams are gone
when you caught me with your whispered song
You look at me and you softly sigh
as you walk away then make me high
I fall into your arm as you say
three little words that make my day

Nail me baby
Nail me baby
Nail me baby
Nail me down

To lose my friends or to lose my mind
all of this I can leave behind
I’ll risk it all cause the dream’s still mine
I want to go all the way this time
A magnetic force I can’t pull away
The soft whisper in my ears you say
Three little words that a man wants to hear

Nail me baby
Nail me baby
Nail me baby
Nail me down

The wolves the beasts I can take them all
The dirt the pain and the manic world
as long as you look at me and say
Those three words that I want to hear
I cannot refuse when Venus calls
I cannot resist the Siren’s charms
Just whisper softly in my ear

Nail me baby
Nail me baby
Nail me baby
Nail me down