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Adrian T. Bell alternative-rock / Praha

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Text skladby Will I See You Once Again

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Autor hudby: Adrian T. Bell
Autor textu: Adrian T.Bell

Will I see you once again

Will I see you once again?
I don't think I’ve had enough of you
Every time you walk away
I would rather that you stayed
Will you be round here tomorrow?
I will greet you on the way
If you lead then I will follow
and release me from this sorrow

You’ll never take me in your arms
Or hold me for a moment
Placate me with your charms
And make me feel important

I am tortured every day
I could call maybe tomorrow
For the fourteenth time I say
You would not answer any way

From a distance I can see you walking past
You think that you’re all your own
There’s a certain grace when you undress at night
Please don’t close the curtains
I’m in love

When will I see you again?
When will I see you again?
When will I see you again?

Will I see you once again?
All the full of photos of you
I took when you were unaware
The pain you put me through
By simply not being there
I don’t know when I will see you again
I know that you don’t care
all my thoughts on you collide
Well here’s a fact
if I can’t have you
then nobody will
When will I see you once again?
Nobody will