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Achsar metal / Levice

„Nový videoklip Loud And Proud !!!“

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Text skladby March Of Terror

z alba Septentrionalis

Autor hudby: Achsar
Autor textu: Milan Kristofik

Veil of darkness
Veil of stench
Your seal is broken
From ice prison we rise again
Power in clutches of ancient one
Behold the chaos ascendant

Mutilate and desperate
Forbidden horrors move our way
Poisoned clouds fill the air
Rotting horrors corrupt land

Crawling, lurking with one reason
Abuse and devour all life in this world
Assimilate all life forms
From our death they are born

Like swarm of insects
They parasite on our lands
From the earth and from the sea
From the sky and ground right beneath your feet

No place to hide
Chaos` greed knows no compromises
In this march of terror
March of terror

March of terror
March of terror
March of terror
March of terror

Death and decay, mayhem bringers
Annihilation incarnate
Order fading, slaughter raging
Feast on bodies of the slain
With no remorse they lick your bones
Consume entire world
No hope remain where terror will reign
No hope remain, terror will reign

We are primordial wicked hordes
For you there will be not new dawn
All your shelters grind and fall
Now our march will roar