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Absolut Deafers hard rock-metal / Ostrava

„Videoklip ke "Královi" je venku! A koncerty čekají“

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Text skladby Come with me!

z alba Live - through 10,000 holes

Autor hudby: Absolut - Deafers
Autor textu: Jan Jašek

Hello, I'm your conscience.
I have no remorse.
You are looking me every day,
but I'm standing right here.

Oh no what is in your brain,
the everyday nightmare pill.
The song is waving in your ear,
so stand up and dance with me!
I am stop-less and you know,
that i can kill i can health.
And i am much faster than you,
and you are so confused.

See the death is in the air,
she come with me come with me.
Look the God and Satan there
they come with me come with me.

The teacher from the first school class,
she come with me come with me.
When you fuck girl in the ass,
she come with me come with me.

Your day is my, your time will never come and your job is undone.
(Don't say it to me!)

Why you pray, nobody is listening, this is your misery.
(God is master!)

Here I am, today and tomorrow, your biggest sorrow.
(You're demon I'm scared)

Come with me, there is no other choice, you will hear my voice!
(Please stop, I'll come with you)

I tell you the story, this is true.
About one guy who want rule the time.
He was late for his job
so he jumped to his brand new car.

Nice driving even faster than time.
It was world record, no-one can drive like that.
Everyone staying on his screaming tyres,
until the train hit him very fast.

You think you rule the world do you?
But you are just a little creature in this fucking damned little world.