Infernal Cult - Text skladby Embrace of Shadows z alba All The Lights Faded |
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Infernal Cult black-metal / Praha

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  • Son of Babalon (Single 2019)
  • Distant from Living (All The Lights Faded)
  • Triangle of Horns (All The Lights Faded)
  • Post - Living Existence (All The Lights Faded)
  • Inhuman Bastard (In the night of snowfall)
  • Inhibition of light (Cold Mortem)
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Text skladby Embrace of Shadows

z alba All The Lights Faded

Autor hudby: Martjern
Autor textu: Martjern

Come the eternal eclipse
Cover the sky with veil of blackness
Awake the hunger of death
Hide all the paths
Let the hopeless wander

Dark became days
Long became nights
Shadows are out
I will follow their way
Cruel and reckless are thoughts on my mind
In this night of despair will the black flame shine

I feel nothing to life
I am heartless to being
I am the cold murder’s hand
Which will beat you to death

From the black haze she comes
From misery rises
With a scratch of her scythe
Which pretends your end near...

O demon let here be pain
Let there be dark
Make resistant obey
O chaos enthrone the death
Burn all the lights
Leave all the fields red...