Adam Blazer - Text a video Blind z alba D.G.A. |
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Adam Blazer alternative-rock / Praha

„Nové album Mind Palace již k dispozici :)“

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Text skladby Blind

z alba D.G.A.

Autor hudby: Adam Blazer, Jan Apalovič
Autor textu: Adam Blazer

We don’t really know how much we are small
We don’t know how far we can go
You can build a wall between us and ruin it all
You can also bawl that everything is my fault
Your eyes are blind as well as your mind
So don’t tell me that you can’t find, what you’re looking for
I wanna feel sunlight on my skin
I wanna see you in my dreams
I wanted to try, how to fly, how to fly
I wanted to try, how to fly… away

These times are great everything is fate
You just have to wait untill love turns into hate
If you’re not prepared you’ll be very scared
This is how it goes everyone are foes
Nobody knows how we were so close
So take a deep breath and go start this funny show!