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    Way of the queen

Symfobia - Dragon (Official Music Video)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 14.8.2015
Early this year Symphonic Metal band from Slovakia, called Symfobia, released their debut album "Way of the Queen" and here is their first music video. Enjoy!

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video created by:
bodypainting made by:
Dragon (Alter Ego) played by: Beáta Mészárosová

dragon´s awaken
I think his anger is part of me
so naturally

dead wings are waving
and carrying lying of our lives
so realize

who is the wrong now?
find secret answer inside your heart
it might be dark

we can´t afford this
this is expensive happiness
no more protests

so come to me and burn out all the sins
even with my soul

I am so cold

there´s no chance to find a special place
where the dragon lays
It´s full of grace

the truth is screaming
tuff hammers banging on the walls of doubts
the rules of gods

dragons are crying
every tear´s falling to our minds
it´s burning out

Music video by SYMFOBIA performing DRAGON. (c) SYMFOBIA 2015