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    Reaching for Darkness
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    Reaching for Darkness

Text skladby The One

z alba Reaching for Darkness

Autor hudby: Ariakas
Autor textu: LucyAnna

I know you told me that I pulled the trigger I was the one
Now tell me who was the one who handed me that bloody gun?
What’s wrong cannot be right and I won’t stand another fight
Nothing can ever fill that emptiness you left inside

It’s easy to read the book when it’s opened
it’s fun to watch dying the one that is broken

Who was the one who started the fire?
Who’ll be the one to call the ceasefire?
Who was the one to struggle through day?
And who’d be the one who will have to pay?

I hope one day it won’t be way too cruel to wake up
And then you’ll realize how royally you fucked all up
Keep pointing the blame but I won’t be the sorry one
I’ve tried I almost died, too tired to fight, I’m out, I’m done

But will it be so easy to be the one
to look in the mirror after all that you’ve done?