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Revelations in 23 indie-acoustic / Praha

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  • She Would Darken The Memory
  • Leaving Home
  • Silence, It' s Good To Be Back
  • New Day
  • No Future
  • Freak Show Host
  • My Bonnie
  • Awaiting The Beast

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Recorded between 1.-22nd January 2020 at Dep 23 Bohnice Hospital

Bio a historie

Sometimes it´s so funny to stay up overnight, for a little chat with hillbilly wigs and their wits and their partners in crime.

"OMG what´s this MO ? will it last ? tell me fast, who´s the naive spitting crocodiles, when all so cold turkeys begin to whine", said the elderly octopus Dick on his way to Ladies for his regular check-up around five. 

"His naivite my dear is not so clear as we can see in recent lullabies",paused the King for his eyes to spin for he was a wee ambivalent ´bout preaching to the middle twin and her lousy crowd.

"No, I mean yeah. Watcha mean, mate hey?",  those were the words of Carol the Razorblade, she was thinking it all through and through in her tiny tin-roofed long unventilated brain, needless to say to no avail.

"Quote end quote",  muttered Herr Horatius Weissnicht (sic), thinking he made a point. After smashing  two people in his Jaguar he shamelessly took on their blown out brains, posing as  a horror-zombie J.F.K. pretending he isn´t dead already even to his best forever friend, who turned out to be his protege in neglige Dr.Mutton Veal himself :

"Aber ja Herr Professor, Sie sind alle right, let me get our tractor, count the vector, set on our holly quest, sew our own straightjacket vest and creep around after dark, those bloody stainless tractors are so difficult to park, after all this I hope we´ll get some freaks on spectrum so that we can exorcize", finishing this for Dr.M.V. inexplicably complicated speech, his eyes began to shine.

"What goes around comes around", said a very unspectacular, to some even invisible but a very dignified as he spoke,all heads turned. Who the heck ? 

"I say", shouted tricky Dick on his way back from Ladies so rather tipsy at the bar," I say, how about those crocodiles ?"


-in kicked the All Rejected Choir first hesitantly, but quite strongly the second time around :

"Sometimes it´s  darn  darn  darn it darn it, da

Sometimes it´s fun fun  funny fun fun far funny far

Sometimes it´s a little too too too honey far honey far"

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