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Gumption rockabilly-psychobilly / Prague

Playlist kapely
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  • Dead Guy Fred (I Don't Like Zombies)
  • Bullet-Proof Umbrella.
  • Rockin' Rockabilly
  • Money Wind
  • Little Doggy
  • Rev It Up, Baby! (Live)
  • Hipsterville
  • Get Up and Go! (live)
  • Žižkov Boogie (Live)
  • Blood Sucker (Live)
  • Dead Guy Fred (I Don't Like Zombies) (Live)
  • Sleepy Head (rehearsal)
  • Heavy Load (rehearsal)

"Blood Sucker" by Gumption

Živé vystoupení Vznik: 6.2.2020
From our last gig before the Covid Quarantine. We did not post this video before because the sound is pretty bad, and not our best performance of the song, but considering there are no gigs and no recordings happening, I thought, Hey, everyone needs a song about a vampire.