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7Sins of Surviving death-metalcore / Praha

„A trika už nám došla...“

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Text skladby Promised land Pergatory

z alba The Fallen rise

This is the final judgement
There is no way out of here (way out of here)
Tearing skin under hooks
Is caress of beast inside

Your opened legs
Draging to depths
Depths a and kisses
Of pergatory
Your opened mind
reflection I´ve found
Flaming ice and liquid dust
Of pergatory

(Torture me!)

to those
who stand
in promised way
Give me your life
I welcome U in PERGATORY

Perfectly flawed and pumping acid in my vortex
Screams of tar birds and noise thousand fallen sheets
Separated tongues are eating our own humanity
I think my sancuary is here


Palindrome of final hour
dissapointed starving spider
glee by madness U´ve brought
pleased for intercourse in pergatory-y


Consumed by rage of all humanity (which is left behind for others)
And one hearth beat sound in echo for eternity (crunches heads of sentients)
Shadows consuming souls with hunger of Charibdis (and Scylla is breathing on your neck)
Taste of chockeing fantasies and sheded dreams (Dark claw is takeing power)
Haze of unmet promised pains ( waiting for the rightful hands)
Please do not left me alone in pergatory (im sleaping in dust)