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7Sins of Surviving death-metalcore / Praha

„A trika už nám došla...“

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Text skladby Psycho

z alba The Fallen rise

R)U blame me that Im Psycho
Now U know who I realy am
Outside so calm in chest is nothing
so cold that I dont undertstand

sorrow has become my only friend
destroing lifes Im such a fan
no harm in body I wont make
but hole life will be like hell
hell, hell hell


now U wanna forgivness U want me mercyful
There is now way I will ever forget
now UR scared of me with no reasons
there is now way I will ever forget
from now I´ll be punishment full of sadness
when U both die than I´ll maybe forget
now U fell such a shame cheating mess
there is no chance I´ll ever forgive U

U expect me running
to do nothing
rely on love

I´ll never forget
As U have try it
U cannot me stop


I tried to beat my anger down
Open your eyes now Im such a clown
I hate myself for what Ive done
destroy and crush it had to be done

suffer for only litle sin
life wont be never a dream
I hate my self for what I did
But I still
I gotta to kill you
Cause I still hate U
To Calm down twisted mind