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2 hours till Breakdown - Fame Bitch

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 1.10.2014
Fame Bitch

Let us play a game - guess what person it is
Her favorite hobby is fishing for this:
Compliments, admission and fame
‘cause these are the ingredients of the game. Yeah!
Now take a long dozen likes
and add a pinch of some wide-opened eyes
on her! It makes her happy!
Give it up for the slappy!

Attention, Attention, a little whore needs mention!

You are a fame bitch, ‘cause you’re sucking dicks
of spoiled rich kids on da Brooklyn bridge
You are a fame bitch, ‘cause you’re kicking with
Bigwig rabble chicks but you’ll never get your golden snitch.

Faaaaame bitch, and you’re kicking around while everybody knows: I rock the game.
Faaaaame bitch, everybody give it up, yeah: I'll fuck your fame!]

She’s bitching about everything she loved
To replace the sound of her heart.
She goes insane
And I’ll do the same!
Go - Adorn you with borrowed plumes
And take the guy with the royal costume!
When you need the fame - Ha!
Continue the game!

Attention, Attention, she needs prevention!



Dumb-ass flirts? Go prostitute for drinks!
Premature articulation! Don’t care what anybody thinks!?
Game over bitch, no time to go megalomaniac!
Your lost! Get it! And I will start your heart attack!


Did you ever - get sick of your life?
Please Recognize that you are alone!
Do you miss me - straight by your side?
It’s too late! I’m too far
Away! You’re gone!]