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16 Squares G rock-indie / Konakovo

Profilový obrázek 16 Squares G

Text skladby Moon Along

z alba Tempus Fugit

Autor hudby: Peter Krylov Dmitry Moiseev
Autor textu: Dmitry Moiseev

I woke up last saturday night
Remember it was cold
Tears stood still in my wide-open eyes
But I couldn't cry

Something was boiling in my heart
Something was tearing me apart
I couldn't fight with it anymore
Million thoughts in my head
But there's no time for regrets
I'm the only survivor there

On our way home
We've been waiting for too long

I woke up in the middle of my star
It didn't shine at all
Oh, no
Thousands of snow flakes hurt me like the knives
I didn't even move

They said: "You're roaming in vain"
They shouted: "There is only pain
And this tunnel has no end"

But something is boiling in my blood
Something is tearing me apart
And now i know I've walked blindfolded

Whole our way home
We've been waiting for too long
Where is cure for pain
For what do we wait?

The tide
Washes out misunderstandings
The fire
Burns in the young eyes

Oh lord!
I've been
collecting wrong emotions!
I'm sorry!
I'm stuck...
stuck on the wrong path!
The Sun,
The Moon
See my motions
What am...
am I...
going to do?!?!

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