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1000 bombs thrash / Plzeň

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    Peace Is Dead
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    Peace Is Dead
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    1000 bombs - demo 2013
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    1000 bombs - demo 2013
  • Peace Is Dead
    1000 bombs - demo 2013
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Text skladby Peace Is Dead

z alba 1000 bombs - demo 2013

Autor hudby: 1000 bombs
Autor textu: Asura/Throllmas

Try to hide in every corner
Before the shadow of fucking war
The smell of the world like a fired cartridge
And bullets that don´t miss their target

Do you think that you´re safe in a bunker?
You are wrong! Open your eyes…

Like a concrete grave deep undeground
Get ready! You´ve found that peace is dead…

RF: Peace is dead

Reload and start to fire
Don´t let them come closer
Blood bond with your machinegun
Around barbed-wire fences

War atrocities, bloodshed, civil war
Death, the gun industry and corruption
Bloody bussines with a tie, behind the marble desk...

RF: Peace is dead!