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Vintage Wine thrash-folk / Praha

„Tree of the dead behind the gate...“

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Text skladby Hangman

z alba Thrashfolk

Autor hudby: Petr Polák
Autor textu: Petr Polák

Can you hear them calling? Does the ticket bear your name?
Were you marked a traitor? Are you know what they call a fair game?
So let me tell you a different story. You can look on brighter side
Instead of being chained you can commit a suicide

Ref.: Hangman! Hangman!
Whos another body?
Hangman! Hangman!
Whos another victim?
And the crowds are waiting for a show

Theres a fire in the streets and clanging of the steel
Cold sweat running down your spine thats how this revolution feels
If you refuse to be a victim and the time has come to run
But its hard to move at the point blank of the gun


Famine and the anger are roamin through the streets
Pestilence and blood thats where this revolution leads
The sharp noose on your neck so rise up on your feet
Walk up on your stage give your audience a greet