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Vintage Wine thrash-folk / Praha

„Tree of the dead behind the gate...“

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Text skladby Tree

z alba Thrashfolk

Autor hudby: Petr Polák
Autor textu: Petr Polák

When I was just a boy my father planted down a tree
Told me "It will grow as you do too."
And on his death bed when his spirit was set free
he looked out of the window where it grew

Ref.: Tree of the dead behind the gate
Reminds me it might have be to late
"My branches waiting for you, patiently waiting for you."

Then we had a war, didn't had nothing to eat
Money was low we were kind of down
There were no jobs so I was forced to steal
Hiding in a tree in its big crown


I was brought to court and brought before the judge
Theres no justice waiting for me
My height is about right so now I am gonna hang
On a branch of my fathers tree