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Szkrat rap-rock / Zlín

„J of the year 2017 - check that !“

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Text skladby Therapy

z alba Truth Behind The Message EP

Autor hudby: Kucza,Dandy
Autor textu: B.High

one step forward, feels like two steps back.
and you want to lose that backpack you drag.
and you so keen to switch from push to pull.
but it got a small hitch, cuz your luggage is full.

Then you realise you just wana break free,
from all the shackless, constantly bind your feet.
And you dont need me but you need your therapy,
so proceed please and let me breathe.

When your Mind bleeds from all the evil you see.
and you´re no smarter from all the books you read.
And it gets harder, breaking bad concrete.
You dont need me, you need your therapy.

Sloka 2:
Breaking out of the prison of my own making,
im giving life cause im done undertaking.
Made my decisions, where you´re about to face them.
Break free or get locked up in a basement.

Given my life the last probation,
cause I feel that I just lack the motivation.
And I know that it gets a little tricky.
But trust me ... there aint no rest for the wicked.


Sloka 3:
I used to love them with their constant struggle.
But through years it bubbled.
Bummer, I need a buffer.

Plus my constantine,
Place to rest in peace,
to face my history,
with its special grief.

Cause I destroyed,
the most precious things.
And I betrayed,
people who invested in me.

Did them like Judas did Jesus.
They should have seen this, running.
Im bleeding, cause blood runs deep.
like my penis penetrate them Athenas.
searching for one true Venus.

Oh Jesus..