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Sekhmet black-punk / Děčín I-Děčín

„Black Fucking Metal z Čech a Moravy“

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Text skladby Death is the Law


Autor hudby: Set
Autor textu: Agares

Death Is The Law

Shrines, temples and churches
Are no more the places of reverence
Nothing but gaping emptiness
Is left from their former radiance

Vanished has their erstwhile glory for good
Crumbling are their solid immense walls
Sacrosanct symbols in all their sainthood
Warp and decay in hollow ruined halls

Howling beasts now roam around
The places that swarmed with worshippers
They wait for the few that remained devout
To satiate their bloodthirst

There is only one real law, that applies to all living things of the Earth
What grows will wither and what lives will die, to the soil from which they're made they will return

Faith will not grant you eternal life in heavens, that is just fiction and falsity
You cannot achieve what doesn't exist, neither with purity nor austerity

Death is no gateway, there's just oblivion, the blackest void is the afterlife
There's no spirit, it's just flesh and bones, your whole body will putrefy

Earthquakes and lightning, floods and storms
Hurricanes, fires and frost
Forces of nature rule the world
It's chaos in its pure form

The frail shall perish, the strong shall prevail
There is no place for weakness in life
Conquer your pain, leave regrets behind
And take control of who you are