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Sekhmet black-punk / Děčín I-Děčín

„Black Fucking Metal z Čech a Moravy“

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Text skladby The Doctrine Falls


Autor hudby: Set
Autor textu: Agares

They thought they have won, that their rule is strong
That no one could oppose their true religion
But with a great pride comes a great fall
Nothing can be forever controlled

The thick fog of deceit began to fade
Zeal disappeared but their victims remained dead
With horror they started to realize
That what they did cannot be undone

Some of the believers started to doubt
If what they did, if it was just

Devout followers of their god
Began to see, they were no longer blind
They gathered and rushed to their shrine
In a desperate attempt they started to chant

"Hear us lord, give us a sign
Set us on the right path"

No answer came, barren were the skies
Gone were their priests, they were nowhere to be found
There is no divine power, redemption is a lie
They were led astray by their lust for god

The thick fog of deceit faded away
Zeal disappeared but their victims remained dead
With horror in their eyes they realized
That their doctrine was nothing but false

Followers became apostates
Trying to forget who they were
Haunted with nightmares for the rest of their lives
Torment and sorrow was their reward