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Saprophyte / POHC hardcore / 08001 hardcore

„08001 HARDCORE“

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Text skladby billy dean

z alba Saprophyte

I tell you the story about Billy Dean,
the son of his mother Josephine
He had a great pity to be born in New York City
In Bronx where he grew up, he was called a ketchup
He wanted to be a gangster, but he looked like uncle Fester

He was a bad guy but not so clever
that didn't make hit to live forever

He wanted to join a gang, the gang of the Big Mustang
They don't care of people, they just do bang bang
The members of this crew don't care of others
they are so mad to kill their own brothers
He was then one of them, the one of the famous ten

Billy boy became very mean,
he didn't talk to friends just to Jean
In his gang he was a good man
he had better ideas than the rest of them
The boss didn't like him and he was always right
so Billies chances were not so bright
Once he said: "You know the guy,
why can't we kill him, tell me why?"

Once Billy came to place where he was sent
and that was the place of his bad end
There stood a man in a black coat
the man looked at Billy and just told:
"When the bullet's flyin' through your head
in a few seconds you'll be dead"
In that moment Bill looked very sad
but after a second he was dead

Billy Dean now in the black limouseen
He was always seen with her girlfriend Jeane
Why he had to go nobody knows
but the life goes on as the river flows
Somebody killed him but we don't know who
but it certainly must have been some fool
His brother, his friends and the girlfriend Jeane
everybody's cryin' after him