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Saprophyte / POHC hardcore / 08001 hardcore

„08001 HARDCORE“

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Text skladby friday´s night

z alba Saprophyte

Friday's night, it's party time, goin' out with friends of mine
Comin' out too, they call me on the phone,
when I sit at home, I'll never be alone

So I jump on bus, number 8 or 4, I try to guess what will go on
Comin' to town, city shines so fine, Mark rushes too on the 39

He has hood on his head and it's not a crime,
yeah, that's right, it's not a crime

Friday's night, everybody's right, sing with us, feel good tonight
Friday's night, we don't wanna fight. Do you hear this noise?
It's Friday's night, it's SAPROPHYTE

First beer we drink in the evening store
and don't you think it's the last at all
Then down to Bar or Pub to Matt,
gorillas have no chance, they are too fat

Matt drinks his beer, look at Crazy Horse
and in his head a new song is born
Independent boys and girls are all around,
it must be cool to be in the underground

But HC is still the music that we love
And it's the way, the way we want to go