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Rusty Fox hard rock-rock'n'roll / Ostrava


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Text skladby Last ride

z alba The Cure

Autor hudby: Rusty Fox
Autor textu: Lucio Massarotto

Sittin' all alone, sittin' on my own
I was staring at the map I had drawn
wondering which road will take me to the goal
I said I'll drive till the engine stops

So I took my car, set the wheels on fire
Every mile seemed incredibly short
But a man in blue appeared behind a bush
and showed a sign I could still recognize

How about slowing down?

I pushed the pedal down and left this guy behind
Open space showed in front of my eyes
No one followed through so I felt cool but fueled
Still some room expected me to come through

The wind was blowing by and I felt satisfied
so my brain took a sudden break
I was heading there but totally unaware
Only fractions and the pancake was done

It's too late to get back

No, I'm on the road
No, and I won't stop until I'm done
No, I was so sure
No, and now it's time to fare thee well